Are your allergies out of control?

Let us help reduce allergy triggers so you can feel better.

You don’t know why you have them, but they are a constant source of worry, pain and annoyance. Allergies just get in the way.

Are you frustrated that, in spite of everything you and your doctors do, you just don’t feel better? You’ve taking pills, using an air purifier and those dust mite covers for your pillows and mattresses. But you still don’t feel as well as you’d like.

Now allergy season is here, and you just want your allergies to go away so you can feel well. That’s why we created Breathe Easy Home – to help people feel bad less often, to feel better faster, and to stay feeling better.

Allergic reactions are caused by your exposure to allergy triggers. Your home likely contains many of these triggers. In fact, it’s normal for indoor air to carry some amount of dust, pollen, pet hair, pest droppings and mold, which are the most common allergy triggers. Problems arise when the quantity of these triggers is more than your body can handle.

Or maybe it’s your son or daughter who is coughing, sneezing, or wheezing, or who has allergy headaches and generally is feeling bad. A childhood of missing play time or school is not what you had imagined for him or her.

Regardless of how they got there, those allergy triggers have got to go. We can help. Our healthy home specialists are expert at designing a home improvement plan that will help your family with allergy control and allergy prevention, complementing the allergy treatment that you and your doctor are already working on.

We focus on creating an indoor environment where allergy triggers won’t come back. Our solution includes high density filtration, smart ventilation strategies, building envelope enhancements and humidity control. Studies show that keeping your home in the 40-60 percent relative humidity range reduces the growth of viruses, bacteria and molds that can cause respiratory infections, flu, and the common cold.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes from having a healthy home and breathing fresher, cleaner air.

You’ll feel better with healthier air.

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Your home’s relative humidity can cause allergies to flare.

In your home, too-low humidity can cause rhinitis, respiratory infections and allergies. Too-high humidity can form mold and mildew and create a growth habitat for dust mites, leading to allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments.

“The influence of relative humidity on the abundance of allergens, pathogens and noxious chemicals suggests that indoor relative humidity levels should be considered as a factor of indoor air quality.”

Arundel AV, Sterling EM et al., 1986Environmental Health Perspectives

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We Can Help

Life’s hard enough without allergies, asthma, sinusitis, COPD, or congestion getting in the way. Breathe Easy Home’s goal is to help you feel better by removing allergy and asthma triggers, and other irritants and pollutants, from your home’s indoor environment. Until now, you and your doctors have been treating the symptoms. Let us treat the causes. You’ll feel better with healthier air.

How it Works

We Treat the Causes of Your Respiratory Illnesses

Our healthy home specialists will carefully evaluate your home and design a home improvement plan to remove allergy and asthma triggers, and other irritants and pollutants that cause allergies, from your home. You’ll feel better with healthier air.

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  • Testimonials

    Kind Words from Our Clients

    I've noticed a huge change in my son's health since last year. Since we've had Breathe Easy Home for a few months, I've noticed a big change. He's sleeping very well. He's basically been well. I don't hear him wheezing at night. I don't hear him congested at night. He's doing a lot better. I've noticed a significant change in him.

    Tania Alexandria, Virginia

  • Testimonials

    Kind Words from Our Clients

    Our house feels so much better since Breathe Easy Home came in to help us. The air in the house is fresher, temperatures are more even in every room, and we can have a fire in the fireplace without having to smell it for days afterward. Now our tenant doesn’t complain any more about his nose always being stuffed up from the stale air. Thank you!

    Daniel College Park, Maryland