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December 18, 2015 BY: Nick Rosenthal, Director of Operations, Breathe Easy Home
IN: Air Quality, Allergies, Asthma, Wellness

High-Tech Wall Passively Filters Air

Breathe Easy Home is working hard to bring you the best new methods and technologies out there for retrofitting your existing home to improve indoor air quality but what about new construction? There is some exciting research going on right now to support new building performance as well. The industry is starting to recognize just how significantly a living space can impact the health and general well-being of its occupants and high tech building materials are in the works to clean up the air you and your family breathe day and night.


A new type of brick, developed at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s school of architecture, is able to help remove airborne particulates that have been known to trigger allergy and asthma symptoms from the air before it enters into a building or HVAC system. Dubbed the Breathe Brick, this new technology was developed using the same concept as a cyclonic vacuum. The bricks spin incoming air and act like a centrifuge, separating the heavier dust particles from the air at the edges of the cyclone. When the Breathe Brick is constructed in a double layer, it creates an internal cyclone filter within the wall. This porous wall has inlets for exterior air that passes through specially designed pathways within the brick that create the cyclone effect. Tests performed by Cal Poly engineering students found that prototypes would capture 30 percent of particulate matter before the air was then passed out of the wall system into the home. The particles being collected fall down the wall cavity into hoppers that require regular cleaning.


The invention received a citation for Architect Magazine’s 2015 R+D Awards and would be a relatively inexpensive step towards improving the indoor air quality of new homes. These kinds of developments represent a greater trend of mindfulness in design that is only becoming more applicable as our buildings age and we continue to learn about the sensitive populations that suffer from respiratory conditions exacerbated by exposure to filthy air.


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